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Custom Interiors


Inserts Only Colors

Bullet Audio offers these colors in leather or fabric only (matching vinyl is not available).  On two-tone leather seats, these can be used for inserts only.

Preferred Suede Colors


Personalize your vehicle by selecting an insert color that dramatically contrasts, or gives subtle compliments to the surrounding bolster (trim) color.  These diagrams illustrate your choices of placement for two-tone or perforation.

  1. Inserts
  2. Combo
  3. Body
  4. Centers
Two Tone options
Two Tone options & examples  

Perforated Inserts

Add a factory European appearance with sporty perforated inserts made from leather, vinyl or suede. Perforation allows greater airflow between the seat and the occupant, increasing comfort.

The Style refers to the size of hole punch used in the perforation. The Placement specifies the areas of the seat for perforation.

Perforated Inserts  

Pleated Inserts

Luxurious pleats or gathering add a sumptuous sophistication to your interior. There is no extra charge for this option. To select luxurious pleated inserts, please find a pattern that has the word "Pleated" in the description. It will also have Insert Style: Pleated in the Specifications.

Pleated inserts  

Contrast Stitching

Contrast stitching can make your seating "pop" by using a different color thread for top-stitching the outer seams. If contrast stitching is not ordered, we will give your leather interior a true factory look with perfectly matched thread.

Contrast Stitch Thread Colors

Bullet Audio offers the following thread colors for contrast stitching on leather seats.

Embroidered and Embossed Logos

Bullet Audio offers embroidery on leather or vinyl interiors. Personalize your seats with colorfully stitched embroidery, adding distinction to the lean-back or headrests of your vehicle.

Colors coming soon!


Matching or contrast color piping is available to spice up your leather interior by highlighting the seam lines of the seats.  Piping can be color-matched to the leather, or be creative and change the color to give a dramatic contrast look.

For safety reasons, we do not offer this option on cars that have side-impact airbags.  Also, it is not recommended to put contrast stitching and piping on the same seat.

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Automotive Carbon Fiber Seat Heaters

Demand is heating up!

Experience the gentle, therapeutic warmth of a ComfortHeat automotive carbon fiber seat heating system with dual-zone heating for soothing lower back pain and adding car seat comfort that works with cloth or leather vehicle seats. The therapeutic seat heater is fast-heating providing warmth in less than a minute. Treat yourself to the ultimate in comfort by installing both the ComfortSeat Lumbar Support and therapeutic ComfortHeat heated seats in your vehicle today!

The ComfortHeat Automotive Seat Heater Systems are designed to be universal, however, prior to installing the unit, you'll want to inspect the construction of your seat to determine whether or not one can be installed. This unit cannot be installed on vehicles if the fabric is bonded (stitched or glued) to the seat foam, or if the fabric is held in place in the middle of the cushion with metal rings or metal rods. If these objects contact the heating element, the application is not recommended.

Product Features:

  • Three-position switch high/low, on/off
  • Rapid heat-up time - Feel comfort in less than one minute
  • Separate temperature sensors for seat's bottom and back for even heating
  • Continuous temperature monitoring prevents overheating
  • Combine with a ComfortSeat Lumbar Support System for optimum seating comfort
  • Perfect addition to a leather seat upgrade

Automotive Lumbar Support

Cruise in comfort! With the ComfortSeat Lumbar Support System, you can set the amount of lower back muscle support you need for your individual comfort while driving. Tucked away inside the driver or passenger seat, the Lumbar Support System provides the precise amount of extra lumbar support to your lower back, decreasing lumbar strain at your command. With just the touch of a finger, the seat or console-mounted switch activates a pneumatic motor filling the bladder within the seat. Make every drive a comfortable drive.

The ComfortSeat Lumbar Support Systems are designed to be universal, however, prior to installing the unit, you'll want to inspect the construction of your seat to determine whether or not you will need a front-mount or rear-mount interior bladder. Front-mount units are installed between the inner foam and outer material of your seat, while rear-mount bladders are used in situations where your seat's exterior material is bonded (glued or stitched) to the supporting inner foam material.

Product Features:

  • Ergonomically designed control switch
  • Adjustable seat bladder
  • Sound-dampening pouch minimizes noise
  • Combine with a ComfortHeat Seat Heater System for optimum seating comfort
  • Perfect addition to a leather seat upgrade

ComfortSeat Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to install the Automotive Lumbar Support?

The Lumbar Support has universal application and is easy to install. Estimated installation time is approximately 1 hour or less.

Will I need to remove the seat?

No. The Lumbar Support can be installed without removing the seat. The seat cover needs only to be pulled up, not removed.

Will I have to cut the upholstery?

No cutting or stitching is required.

What is the difference between a "front mount" and a "rear mount"?

A "front mount" fits between the foam and upholstery. A "rear mount" fits behind the foam.

Is the lumbar support adjustable?

Yes. It can be adjusted according to the driver's preference.

Where does the switch go?

The switch can be mounted along the side of the seat or on the center console depending on the type of vehicle.

Can you install the lumbar support on leather seats?

Yes, the lumbar can be used on both cloth and leather seats.

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lumbar support