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Power Steps, Power Windows & Power Locks

Integrated Power Door Lock Systems

power locks

Single, Two Door and Four Door Systems

  • Integrates with any Remote Keyless Entry or Alarm System
  • Utilizes vehicles existing manual door lock mechanism

Integrated Power Window Systems

power windows/locks installation

Two Door - Three Switch Kits
Four Door - Seven Switch Kits

  • Features Factory Style Switches
  • Retains all original equipment components

AMP Power Steps

by AMP Research

AMP Research Power Steps deploy automatically for easy stepping in and out of your truck. When you open the door they drop down into position, and when you close the door they retract safely out of sight with no loss of ground clearance.

AMP Research Power Steps are perfect for high riding, lifted trucks. The steps are constructed of extruded aluminum with a textured, powder coat finish for maximum grip and durability and have a 600 pound weight capacity per side. The linkage arms are constructed of high-strength, die-cast aluminum that is anodized and Teflon coated to resist corrosion.

The pivot pins are zero maintenance, precision machined, stainless steel. The motor is a weatherproof, OEM-quality electric motor that includes the wiring harness and sealed connectors. The system features pressure-sensitive, pinch-proof technology and an integrated LED Light kit for safety. AMP Research power steps are built to perform in severe driving conditions and are backed by a 5-year / 60,000 mile warranty.

  • Deploys instantly and effortless when any door is opened.
  • On most models, the PowerStep tucks completely underneath the vehicle or retracts flush against the vehicles body.
  • Will not retract when doors are ajar.
  • Rated weight capacity is 600lbs per steps.
  • Motors are weatherproof and are encased on a protective housing.
  • Operating temperatures are rated at a maximum of 200 degrees and a minimum of negative 40 degrees.
  • Original Equipment Manufacturing is a term used in the automotive industry to describe the quality of the automotive parts. The Power step incorporates these standards.
  • Every Nut, Bolt, Zip Tie, and Wire Taps is included in each package. All you need is your own tools.
  • The All New Power step now includes the LED light kit and the new reinforced Running Board.


Cruise Controls

Custom Global Cruise

Aftermarket Automotive Cruise Control by Rostra

Set your speed with a touch of your finger!

Once selected your cruise control constantly measures changes in the engine loading and vehicle speed. Easily set the controls and avoid unintended speeding. Slow down or accelerate, you don't have to touch the pedal. Use your RF switch and have that same functionality built right into your steering wheel!

Using a cruise control system by Rostra can easily help you:
  • Increase comfort and reduce fatigue while driving.
  • Prevent fuel wasting due to erratic speed fluctuations.
  • Avoid tickets from unintended speeding.
Bullet Audio also offer custom drive-by-wire solutions from Rostra
Global Cruise - Cruise control systems by Rostra
custom drive by wire - cruise control


Control More than Just Your Garage Door!

Open up a world of convenience with a HomeLink equipped vehicle
control more than just your garage with a HomeLink system
control more than just your garage with a HomeLink system

HomeLink Options: