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Inalfa ASI Sunroof series


ASI Series

The ASI Inbuilts are the ultimate in open-air systems.  The complete range of ASI Inbuilts offer optimum ventilation and light control. 

All ASI-sunroofs are equipped with the new generation Inalfa One Touch™ illuminated switch that allows you to fully open, close or vent the solar tinted glass panel.  Additionally. the very convenient Standard Autoclose feature allows the sunroof to automatically close when the ignition is switched off. 

All Inbuilts have an integrated automatically-deploying wind deflector, eliminating wind noise, as well as a sliding sunshade cover in vehicle-matching fabric.  The headliner substrate allows for a clean interior finish and gives you the maximum safety possible. 

ASI Inbuilts meet all applicable FMVSS and TUV Safety Standards.


  • ASI 750 - 18" x 30"
  • ASI 840 - 19" x 33"
  • ASI 925 - 19" x 37"


Rear Deck Spoilers

Bullet Audio offers Rear Deck Spoilers, painted to match your car and Sunroof Spoilers, which retract outside of your roof.

Ford Fusion spoiler
Cadillac CTS spoiler

575 Galaxy Spoiler Sunroofs

The versatile range of applications and the OE look and feel of the Galaxy 575 Spoiler is designed to compliment your driving enjoyment.  The elegant styling, ease of operation, and many upgraded features of the Galaxy 575 Spoiler brings the refreshing freedom of open-air driving to a wider variety of today’s vehicles and assures original equipment appearance and function.

Sunroof spoiler

Features and Benefits:

  • Largest aftermarket glass available anywhere, with 660 sq. inches of sky view!
  • Attractive and form fitting self contained 30" x22" glass panel
  • Huge daylight opening of 24' x 12" when fully engaged
  • Solar tinted glass
  • Attractive and easy to use illuminated operating switch
  • One-touch open and close switch for maximum hands-on-wheel driving
  • Key-off auto close prevents the Spoiler from an accidental open position upon exiting
  • Four-button switch can engage the key-off auto close feature to suit the driver
  • Programmable glass panel for comfort positioning depending on driver preference
  • Low profile design minimizes wind noise
  • Clean and attractive headliner appearance for an OEM finish
  • Two piece overlapping sunshade allows for installation in smaller vehicles
  • Wildest range of applications, even in severely sloped roof lines
  • Meets all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards
  • Utilizes a finely engineered cam/lock mechanism to insure against water and air penetration
  • Made in Korea to Signature Automotive Products exacting specifications
  • Distributed and warranted by Signature Automotive Products, Wixom, MI
  • 3 year / 36,000 mile warranty to the Original Owner